chapter  3
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Maximizing Cash Available for Debt Service

ByMichael Curley

This chapter presents a practical look at how to maximize Cash Available for Debt Service (CADS). Because, the amount of CADS determines how much debt a utility can take on. And the amount of debt will be equal to the size of the project, which the utility can undertake. So, it is important to maximize CADS to enable the utility to take on larger projects, if necessary. The topics covered in this chapter include: tariffs, and subsidies, billings and collections, theft, energy costs, chemical costs, labor costs, modernization of facilities, and staff skills. The goal of any initiative to maximize net utility revenues is not to make a profit, but rather to have sufficient funds available to operate the system on a sustainable basis so that the user community will have continuing access to adequate supplies of clean, safe water. There are two approaches to the problem of maximizing net water utility revenues: maximize income and minimize expenses.