chapter  Chapter 3
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Hadoop 1.2.1 Installation

ByRathinaraja Jeyaraj, Ganeshkumar Pugalendhi, Anand Paul

This chapter deals with the installation of Hadoop 1.2.1. Hadoop is built to natively work with Linux. However, Hadoop works with Windows, MAC, Solaris, etc. OSs as well. MR (JT, TT) and HDFS (NN, SNN, DN) components run as daemons in Physical Machines (PM) or VMs. PMs and VMs are denoted as nodes in general. There are different modes of Hadoop deployment: single node implementation and multi-node implementation. Single node implementation is further split into standalone or local mode and pseudo-distributed mode. Similarly, multi-node implementation is classified into fully distributed or cluster mode and virtual cluster mode. The chapter presents the system requirements and the precautionary tips to be taken during installation.