chapter  Chapter 1
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Real Fear and Fraudulent Fear

ByAlan Weiss

Leaders at all levels and people in varied pursuits tend to fear what they shouldn’t, not fear what they should, and mistake what they can control and not control. The “threshold effect” occurs when the temporary fear of doing something is outweighed by the long-term pain. Fighting leads to direct confrontation, physically or rhetorically, and fleeing leads to a rapid departure from the threat. Fearless leadership is about taking the battle to the other person, the other organization, and into the marketplace. The crew of a spaceship encounter a mad doctor aided by Robbie the Robot. He created monsters which plagued the crew until it was finally revealed he was merely recreating their own psychological fears and worries. Real fear is facing a tornado, or an illness, or a mugger. Fraudulent fear is allowing the little guy on intimidate entrepreneurs' , business owners' shoulder to intimidate them with ancient dicta and youthful paradigms.