chapter  Chapter 1
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Manifestations of Fear

ByAlan Weiss

Procrastination is the act of delaying something for no good reason. It is both a manifestation of fear and fear-induced. Procrastination is drenched in fear and thrives in fear. It is highly visible, can readily influence others, and often results in still other dysfunctional behaviors. Passive-aggressive behavior is indirect resistance to others’ needs and suggestions (and even observations), avoiding direct confrontation through subtle sarcasm and even procrastination. Passive-aggressive people might repeatedly make excuses as to why things aren’t done. One of the manifestations of fear is the refusal or inability to act in the moment, to act when the potential for positive results is highest. Fearless leaders aren’t fools. They are simply people who know best how to evaluate risk and effectively control it, thereby freeing themselves to be bold and to pull the trigger faster and more often than others.