chapter  Chapter 1
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Changing Your Metrics

ByAlan Weiss

A metric is an indicator of the size and shape of something, and of progress toward a goal. In most organizations, functions without profit and loss responsibility often develop metrics that are, in fact, unmeasurable. Personal metrics suffer the same ambiguity and lack of focus. Fear is often present when we use the wrong metrics or no metrics at all. Leaders become fearful when they are afraid they cannot match or exceed the metrics expected of them. This is why sales people and sales managers consistently “low ball” their forecasts, because they are seeking a lower, easier metric to exceed in order to maximize their bonuses. Perfectionism leads to great fear. It’s like the ability to “free climb” a mountain and not be dependent on ropes and carabiners, or playing an instrument “by ear” rather than through meticulous practice on set pieces.