chapter  Chapter 1
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Organizing Fearlessness

ByAlan Weiss

Fearless leadership is not about betting the family farm, or being “tough,” or making headlines. It is the ability to help others to thrive. Fearless leaders don’t seek to win popularity contests or have the highest survey scores on some HR survey du jour. They understand their role is to walk their talk and talk their walk; to be an exemplar and avatar; and to make it clear that the right thing trumps the popular thing wherever the two are in conflict. Fearless leaders walk with the grace of trust in their judgment and belief in their own talent. A part of organizing fearlessness is to understand the differing environments and aspects of life. Anything in life that causes such trauma should be compartmentalized. Being fearless is not being ruthless, or uncaring, or intransigent. It is about not being afraid to appropriately change behavior based on varied situations and conditions.