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Your Fearless Future

ByAlan Weiss

When people see those in responsible positions cheat or lie or avoid accountability, they feel that such traits and behaviors are the best ways in which to succeed. When they see honesty, and acceptance of accountability, and fearlessness, then they believe that’s the way to behave. Demeanor is both consistent and situational. That is, fearless leaders are assertive and clearly “in charge,” but they readily make adjustments for the situation. Thus, “demeanor” is situationally dependent. Fearless leaders don’t metamorphize into supplicants, but they are flexible enough to become listeners. Fearless leadership is about overcoming our own fears and insecurities in our life, our relationships, and our career. It is about moving boldly and quickly. It entails the drive for success and the resilience to bounce back. It’s about prudent risk in a volatile world.