chapter  Chapter 10
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Mewat: May to December 1857

ByC.B. Singh Sheoran

In previous chapters we have seen the sequence of events, battles, movements and retribution, in chronological order, for all of the present-day Haryana except for Mewat district. Mewat requires a focussed narrative. In history, justice has not been done to the Mewattis, though they were the first to rise against the British and the last to submit to them. In 1857 the present district was only a part of the Gurgaon district of the Delhi division in the NWP. Mewat, the abode of Meos, is a big region falling in the erstwhile native states of Alwar and Bharatpur, Mathura district of the UP, and Palwal, Gurgaon and Mewat districts of Haryana. Historically the ancient Meds of Central Asia and Sindh are the today’s Meos of Mewat who first migrated to the area in the erstwhile Rajputana (still known as Mewar after their name) and subsequently came to their current home. It is a famous warrior caste practising agriculture and animal husbandry and in the nineteenth century their main occupation was pastoralism.