chapter  Chapter 7
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September 1857: Recapture of Delhi – Fall Out

ByC.B. Singh Sheoran

With the passage of time and by the end of August the British administration had been able to control the situation and resistance was practically insignificant in the Ambala area. The Punjab government’s 6 per cent interest loan from the bankers had been successful in Ambala where the subscription was Rs. 10,72,193, and in Thanesar where it stood at Rs. 2,38,700. But in Hisar and Sirsa it was meagre, amounting to Rs. 51,330 only. 1 That indicated that Ambala, Thanesar, and Karnal had been coerced, but that there existed defiance and resistance in the Hisar and Rohtak districts. In Hisar there was a huge force under Van Cortlandt but he was not secure outside his headquarters in the fort of Hansi.