chapter  Chapter 8
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The Sahibbas

ByC.B. Singh Sheoran

The first moveable column in the shape of the Bhattiana Field Force, subsequently renamed Hurriana Field Force, had entered Haryana on 14–15 June 1857, and remained active in Sirsa, Fatehabad, Hisar, Hansi, Bhiwani and Rohtak until the end of September 1857. But it was a column with twin objects: to recapture and to punish. The recapture of Delhi was important and so the supply of provisions to the rebels had to be prevented. However, after the fall of Delhi, sole purpose was to punish and plunder so that people could be terrorized to such an extent that they could never dream of getting rid of the British rule. Thus there was no limit to the perpetration of crimes on the population. But the brave people of the Gurgaon, the Meos, Ahirs, Jats, and Gujjars along with Pathans and Sayyeds had resolved to hold the fort. So, when hangings were the order of day in the rest of Haryana, the people of district Gurgaon were fighting against the arrogant English elated at their victory in Delhi (with the help of traitors like Narendra Singh, Sarup Singh and Sardar Singh). Under these circumstances, the first sahibba started at the end of September 1857 under the most tyrannical Brigadier St George Daniel Showers, saint in name but Satan by nature.