chapter  10
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The February Man Foreword 1

This is a chapter about corrective regression experiences, which involve regressing back to an experience and then putting something into the memory that changes or corrects it. Simply understanding the past does not change or correct the past. Corrective regression at first involves bringing back the memory as it was remembered but then going back and looking at it in a way that would be good for it to be remembered, a way which is not the actual memory but involves a helpful reframing. That helpful way is what I call a corrected way. In The February Man, the patient had a fear of swimming and blamed herself for her sister’s near drowning. Erickson placed an inhabitation on her swimming and then withdrew the inhibition at the next session. By placing the inhabitation, she was able to have a corrected experience, when he withdrew his correction for the inhibition; the corrective experience was still remembered.