chapter  12
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Stories for the Third Ear Foreword 1

Dr. Rosen previously authored My Voice Will Go with You: The Teaching Tales of Milton Erickson, both because of his respect for Milton Erickson and because he had become convinced that the best way of teaching was through what he calls teaching tales. A teaching tale is like a biblical narrative, a tale that serves a purpose of teaching. In that book, Dr. Rosen used transcripts of tapes that he made of Erickson’s teaching with him. In these tales he modeled and role modeled the patient’s experience. In other words, many of the stories illustrate his interventions and observations by giving examples of what he meant by the central elements of therapy: “First you model the patient’s world, then you role model the patient’s world.” The use of the teaching tales would facilitate the evocation and utilization of the patient’s own unconscious learnings in service of healing.