chapter  5
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The Psychotherapeutic and Hypnotherapeutic Approaches of Milton H. Erickson, M.D. 1

In this chapter Dr. Rosen relates his first meeting with Milton Erickson and his use of surprise to illustrate an idea. In his later meetings Erickson used Dr. Rosen as a subject, allowing Dr. Rosen to have first-hand experience and direct learning of Erickson approaches. How he also used imagery, stories, imagination to embed his suggestions in an attractive fashion making them readily accepted by a patient. He also used shock and other cues that Dr. Rosen calls switches, for example he might lift the right hand in the air and suggest, that as the hand lowers you can become more relaxed … by the time it is resting on your lap, you can feel very comfortable. The chapter provides multiple examples and contains a wealth of wisdom.