chapter  7
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A Guided Fantasy 1

This chapter presents the transcript of a group hypnotic induction, with 30 people in the audience. Dr. Rosen guides the group into a trance, and gives them the opportunity to experience some of their own unconscious learnings, ones that they may have consciously forgotten about. He suggests they can go back and find oneself as a young child, suggesting you can go into a trance and bring back whatever is of value to you. He uses one of his favorite inductions, the early learning set induction. He illustrates how poetry is an important part of the hypnotic induction, the choice or words, the rhythm, the meter, the rhymes, all are poetic. His suggestions to access one’s unconscious learnings highlight is view that the unconscious has many positive resources, can create new memories and revise old and has a teleological element because it is based on possibilities for the future.