chapter  Chapter 1
84 Pages

Foundation of Electromagnetic Theory

WithBahman Zohuri, Patrick J. McDaniel

This chapter introduces Vector Analysis, Maxwell equations, and Biot-Savart law for better understanding these fields behavior for treatment purpose of a non-invasive approach. It aims to give a brief but self-contained exposition of basic vector analysis to bring to the forefront of physical ideas involved in equations and provide knowledge of the field that is required for treatment of electromagnetic wave and Maxwell’s equations. The chapter deals with the empirical concepts of charge and the force law between charges known as Coulomb’s Law. Problems in electrostatic that are involving conductors, all the charges either is found on the surface of the conductors or in the form of fixed-point charges. The chapter argues that the classical theory of electrodynamics is built upon Maxwell’s Equations and the concepts of electromagnetic field, force, energy, and momentum, which are intimately tied together by Poynting’s theorem and the Lorentz force law.