chapter  8
22 Pages

Developing Lean Leaders

ByCheryl M. Jekiel

Sitting over breakfast, Jim chatted with a mentor supporting him as he learned about lean implementations. Human Resources (HR) plays an intrinsic role in defining those leadership characteristics that best support the creation of a lean culture. This chapter discusses understanding lean leadership, how to develop lean leaders, strategies for overcoming challenges, and the benefits of successfully developing lean leaders. There are specialized approaches used to locate talented people familiar with lean principles, continuous improvement cultures, and the importance of demonstrating superior results over time. Specific database searches for lean backgrounds, lean recruiters, and associations related to lean or continuous improvement can help locate suitable candidates. One way Lean HR utilizes recognition is to reinforce continuous improvement behaviors that support corresponding culture elements. Unleashing the abilities of every single employee leads to greater organizational capabilities that requires lean leaders. Lean-trained teams can add considerable insight into the hiring process because they provide viewpoints from several job perspectives.