chapter  14
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It Takes a Village

ByCheryl M. Jekiel

One of the dynamics that leads to the underperformance of Human Resources (HR) is dissatisfaction with this critical function. In many instances, the oversight of HR additionally involves levels of leadership below the C-suite. Similarly, there are internal customers concerned with how well HR functions. Building a Lean HR presence invites these leadership teams to measure the role HR could play in advancing their strategic initiatives. For some organizations, it’s actually the lean or improvement professionals who spot the need to advance the Lean HR functionality for the betterment of the organizations. Reaching out to other Lean HR teams can be hugely helpful in navigating the various learning curves. Many HR professionals note that they feel at their best when realizing they are not alone in the challenges they face. HR may increase the plan-do-check-act cycles to follow every termination, every hire, and every training class to assess areas of success and opportunity.