chapter  2
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Event FTTV in Musicals, Movies, and Mini-Series

Exploring Performance and Transformation
ByJill Terry Rudy, Pauline Greenhill

By rebroadcasting theatrical releases and creating special shows, FTTV bridges television, theater, and movie content with memorable performance experiences that create and celebrate an aesthetics of wonder. Because event FTTV features familiar, yet supernal, characters, plots, and production values with symbolic themes of trials and growth, the liminal possibilities of performance become deepened and amplified. Popular fairy tales like Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Cinderella, The Wizard of Oz, and Little Red Riding Hood interrogate how televised events portray challenges of growing up and leaving, and finding, home. Since extraordinary could be an oxymoron (offering more of the usual and common), it applies well with televised specials because their extra effects engage ordinary human conundrums. Typical challenges like achieving social status, making one’s place in the world, and growing up take on extra wonder and significance through storytelling performances presented with famous celebrities, rich production budgets, and compelling storylines that unite diverse audiences.]