chapter  6
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Series and Seasons

Exploring Crime and Justice in Fairy-Tale Procedurals
ByJill Terry Rudy, Pauline Greenhill

Few North American television viewers can have failed to notice the sudden mainstreaming of FTTV and fantasy long-arc series in the second decade of the twenty-first century. But FTTV series have a longer history and more international range. Such programs often explore concerns with issues of crime and justice, rather than offering the escapes too often expected in fairy-tale media series in which the full run or an entire season is named after and/or thematically linked with a fairy tale or fairy tales. Series and seasons can adapt local fairy tales and folktales, riff on stories from the primarily European canon, or blend the two. FTTV discourses often embody power struggles around justice issues within specific cultural fields and socio-historical contexts.]