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Future Excursions With FTTV Wonder
ByJill Terry Rudy, Pauline Greenhill

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts on the concepts covered in the preceding chapters of this book. The book serves to bring out the critical codes and other subtleties behind well-known FTTV sites, introduces many new tales and programs, and also adds some historical and conceptual contexts linking the aesthetics of wonder with a variety of programs and types of storytelling, from events and anthologies to motifs, episodes, and series and serials. The content and symbolism of the tales combine with the technologies and contexts of TV to perpetuate wonder. Recall that where science fiction TV keys its versions of wonder on science and technology, FTTV focuses more on people, especially through social relations, justice, and storytelling. Since fairy tales derive from an even longer tradition of wonder tales, these stories signal times long ago—even when they appear on the fairly recent invention of TV.