chapter  2
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Concepts and Definitions

“Let’s Call a Spade a Spade, Not a Gardening Tool”
ByJosé Baptista

It is common to find people, who work in the maintenance area, with divergent concepts about the same term or indicator and this situation, obviously, causes a lot of confusion, making it difficult to understand each other, and the problem may be bigger than it appears. When deciding to promote some modification in the original design of equipment or its components, it is extremely important to verify that this modification will not have any undesired effect on its operation, especially, that no negative impact on safety will occur. If the equipment remains in operation, despite the unsatisfactory condition, it will continue to degrade until it reaches the point where the total failure occurs, also called a catastrophic failure. In summary, the cost of inspection or monitoring should be compared with the cost of replacing components at a predetermined frequency regardless of its condition.