chapter  3
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How to Change the Situation (Without Having to Appeal to Black Magic)

ByJosé Baptista

Maintenance staff was overwhelmed and totally involved only in corrective maintenance, in other words, “just working to put out fires,” and the plant operations team was increasingly dissatisfied because they were not able to meet production schedules. The vicious circle was established; equipment broke, the production schedule was not met, the plant manager complained, operations team blamed maintenance team, and the maintenance team worked even more without obtaining good results from their actions. According to reliability engineering analysis, we can assume that in general, except for special cases where there are redundancies, industrial equipment can be understood as a system resulting from several components in series and the reliability of this system would be the product of the reliability of the components of the system. Infant mortality: In this period, the premature failures occur and the failure rate is decreasing in relation to time and this could be due to maintenance induced failures or manufacturing defects in the components.