chapter  4
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Elementary! The Steps to Reach the Proactive Maintenance

ByJosé Baptista

It is necessary to make sure that the maintenance objectives and their performance indicators are perfectly aligned with the company’s business strategy because, as strange as it may seem, frequently, the maintenance objectives and strategy, as well as their performance measures are inconsistent with the organization’s business strategy. After leaving the vehicle in an automotive workshop, it receives a budget detailing the services they recommend: repair the hydraulic brake circuit, replacement of internal reading lamps, repair small scratches on car paint and replacement of rubber mats. Another belief guiding maintenance managers at the time was that the probability of equipment failure could be statistically determined, and thus the predominant strategy was the “periodic overhaul” where the equipment was dismantled and its components could be replaced or restored, before the occurrence of failures. Normal wear and tear are the causes of failure that are part of most lists of traditional failure modes.