chapter  5
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Maintenance Basics

The Forgotten Cornerstone of a Solid Maintenance Foundation
ByJosé Baptista

In terms of the manufacturing environment cleaning, the author can say that he had the opportunity to try heaven and hell. The heaven was when he worked in the semiconductor industry that manufactured electronic components, an environment that is called a “clean room,” but in this company he was a process and project engineering manager and was not directly involved with the equipment maintenance. Once, the regular predictive maintenance (vibration analysis) recommended the replacement of one of its bearings, in the shortest possible time to avoid catastrophic failure of the motor. The motor test without load was scheduled to happen late Saturday afternoon and so it happened, with the motor manufacturer’s maintenance technicians monitoring some motor parameters, such as electric current and bearing temperatures. The lack of organization, defined and implemented lubrication process and well-trained professionals certainly will seriously compromise the life of the equipment as well as the total maintenance costs.