chapter  7
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Other Important Building Blocks of Maintenance Management

ByJosé Baptista

At the beginning of implementation of the maintenance process, it is recommended to adopt a simple structure where it is clear to all the members of the team their roles and responsibilities and the processes with definition of inputs, outputs, information flows and interdependencies. Maintenance Planning and Scheduling: These are the processes governing the execution of maintenance, including the Work Order (WO) management process from planning to the scheduling of WOs executed. The purpose of maintenance planning is to make the applicable preparations to allow maintenance activities to be performed properly with safety and quality, using the appropriate resources at the right time and cost. Observe the control valves installed in the inlet and outlet pipes; they represent the available means the maintenance management has to control the backlog. A crucial point in implementing the proper planning and scheduling process is the perfect match between three functions represented by the maintenance planner, maintenance supervisor and the operations supervisor.