chapter  8
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Science Crisis

WithSean T. Manion, Yaël Bizouati-Kennedy

Science is a highly trusted professional field. Its hundreds of years of history has produced new knowledge that is the foundation of many technological and medical advances. There are also significant issues with science that are sometimes below the radar. Science is the testing of hypotheses against real world or experimental data. Through the early 1900s, science was often done from end to end by small groups or single individuals. These people had often devoted their lives to the pursuit of knowledge and understanding the universe around us. Science was frequently a monastic endeavor. The system was designed around this curiosity motive, with professional societies and systems like the modern peer review developing around it. Publish or perish, became the metric-based rallying cry, and science became more of what it measured in the form of published papers, but less of what it was supposed to seek in the form of truth.