chapter  9
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Open Science

WithSean T. Manion, Yaël Bizouati-Kennedy

The struggle in the scientific community with some of the shortcomings of science, coupled with the desire to make science more open and effective. Looking at some of the successes of Open Science, as well as some of the barriers, can make it more feasible to chart a course for more realistic progress and identify how new technological tools may help this along. The goals of Open Science are transparency and openness on all aspects of research to avoid fraud and allow peer scrutiny. Open Science operations can be found in a variety of non-profit organizations established and a variety of more nascent grass roots movement across many fields of science. The biggest barrier to Open Science is that scientists are afraid of getting scooped: by not sharing their data, some think they will maintain an edge. Sharing findings and study results has become ubiquitous at the level of abstract overviews, at least in the biomedical sciences.