chapter  10
13 Pages

Distributing Science

WithSean T. Manion, Yaël Bizouati-Kennedy

This chapter presents some of the industries where the technology is advancing most rapidly, and where it is gaining footholds in health and medicine. It looks at how it all fits together to improve the engine of science in order to make science better and to accelerate the actionable advancement of medical treatment for improved health outcomes and saving lives; in other words, how it can help achieve faster medical miracles. The principal investigators role and the academic training system to achieve it are the foundation of the academic research system. Someone with the end-to-end mastery of all phases of science is considered critical as a position of trust at the lead of each project. By breaking the scientific process into its component parts using a mission essential task list method, science can be approached in a new way. Science is thought of and sometimes even described by its practitioners as more artful or intuitive than it actually is.