chapter  15
18 Pages

The Roadmap

WithSean T. Manion, Yaël Bizouati-Kennedy

The system of science is ad hoc, messy, wasteful and one of the finest systems humans have ever created. This chapter discusses a vision of the future of science and what this can look like, along with a rough strategic plan of how to get there. By necessity, this is over-simplified as a way to begin the discussion, planning, execution and implementation of better science. There are numerous interested parties across federally agencies along with industry, university and non-profit partners discussing, designing, developing and deploying blockchain solutions that are just beginning to achieve some of the promise and value. Blockchain and healthcare interest have begun to intersect with organizations more broadly interested in the technology’s promise across scientific research such as the non-profits Blockchain for Science and Open Science Organization, as well as the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Blockchain’s sub-topic, Blockchain for Science.