chapter  3
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From Finance to Health: Way Beyond Bitcoin

WithSean T. Manion, Yaël Bizouati-Kennedy

Blockchain has been rapidly maturing first in finance and supply chain applications, but it is also developing a foothold across other industries. In healthcare, there are a variety of potential applications from purchasing to medical devices, to pharma supply chain where it has already shown real-world value and is quickly gaining traction. The applications of blockchain in healthcare look like a microcosm of the use cases across different industries. Change Healthcare is a large United States-based health coverage organization that has gone all in to develop blockchain solutions and has begun primarily in the billing and payments area. The cost to upkeep records of providers with accurate information is significant across a variety of health and insurance systems. A trust that is even more crucial in the health science community—as with healthcare data “it can mean the difference between life and death.”