chapter  7
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HR 7.0

The Planet wave (2030+)
ByAlan Watkins, Nick Dalton

If we set up organisations that can truly integrate profit, people, and purpose to manage the resulting paradox, we will successfully make the transition to the Planet wave. At this world view, not only can we protect the planet and all the species that share it with us; we can also reverse some of the damage we’ve caused while accessing the abundance waiting to be unlocked by technological advance. Although there are tentative signs of this new world view emerging, it is still a long way off business as usual.

As the “Sherpas” of this alternative future, the HR profession must start today. We must take a lead in creating this new business landscape, setting up new business models and governance to help create a “networked society,” advocating for employee funds, rights for flex workers, flexibility in pension drawdown, incentives to mutualise or establish co-ops, assisting governments to establish effective reskilling and lifelong apprenticeships. The HR function will need to be at the forefront of research on viable forms of universal basic income, which will likely be needed to underpin the whole system and deliver the balanced beauty that humanity is capable of achieving.