chapter  8
22 Pages

Surfing the P-waves of progress

ByAlan Watkins, Nick Dalton

We are on a (r)evolutionary journey, surfing the P-waves of progress, from Paternalism, to Power, to Process, to Profit, to People, to Paradox, and hopefully to Planet. Each wave brings progress. Each wave delivers some substantial benefits, but all of them inevitably fail. However, the failure itself is part of the evolutionary process, necessary to create the transformational energy for the next evolutionary leap forward.

All journeys start with a single step. This chapter covers how to diagnose which P-wave your organisation is currently operating from, how to transition to the next P-wave, and who should lead the transition.

Traditionally, HR change has followed change in business and society, and has sought to adapt its practices to meet the prevailing P-wave’s needs and aspirations. This reactive outlook must change. We must step forward as HR people leaders to illuminate the path to a better business future for everyone, where we solve our economic problems while improving the human condition.

This is going to mean taking a proactive role in directing how business changes, and providing interventions, most crucially leadership developmental interventions, that enable that change.

It’s time to change the workplace and change the world.