chapter  9
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ByDouglas Peyton Martin, Lauren Mix

For the most part, summary chapters are a means to pad the length of the book and to make the same points that, hopefully, should have been easy enough to understand if the author did their job the first time. Here is a bullet point list that should capture the spirit of this book without rehashing specific points.

STOP half-assing everything you do to get it all done. Slay the things that move the needle, and stop doing those that drain your will to live.

Get certifications that bring value to your career, and use your continuing education to actually learn some new shit and meet some new people.

Look out for your team, and they will look out for you.

Invest time and energy into good planning, solidifying your relationship with the project sponsor, and setting expectations of performance with the team.

Coast on a project in motion, cut your meeting times in half, and monitor where nobody else is worried about the big bad risk that could derail the project.

Take care of your sponsor when you close the project, and you have a powerful ally to help you on your future projects.

Show up early, leave early, get better at what you do, leave work at work, and meet your heroes.

Trade the thing your boss needs you to do now with the thing you dread doing the most.

Tell your colleagues to do the same. If they don’t know where to start, tell them to read this book.