chapter  8
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Performs Other Duties as Assigned

ByDouglas Peyton Martin, Lauren Mix

It is a reflection of our modern times that most of us work under a job description with a final entry stating, “Performs other duties as assigned.” Few organized workplaces can cleanly divide work to round numbers and not generate slack time or resource gaps, so this statement covers the need to ask all of us to step outside of our lane and do something extra from time-to-time. The Standard path for professionals asked to take on work outside of their normal lane is to accept the task like a Christmas gift of woolen socks from grandma and do what they can to make it go away as soon as possible. Organizations that wisely identify and promote leaders from within recognize time is limited, and a key factor in being “ready for what is next” is being capable of recognizing the requests of value and making the right sacrifice for time and attention.