chapter  9
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A seminar delivered to members of the Stanford Conflict Seminar, February, 1958

Conflicts can vary in their violence of expression, i.e. the militancy of the means chosen for expressing conflict. Conflict exists in the enterprise or the personality, even if strikes or breakdowns are absent. It will be seen that for the formulation of general propositions about conflict it is of considerable importance which of the definitions is accepted. Resolution of conflict is one form of regulation, namely, regulation designed to do away with the roots of conflict and thereby abolish it altogether. The “mediator” in industrial conflict, and the psychoanalyst in personality conflict, acts in the sense as a third party, and attempts to increase communication and mutual understanding. Arbitration, finally, is a mode of conflict regulation in which a third party is endowed with the authority and/or power to make binding decisions about the relative merits of conflicting issues.