chapter  7
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Implementing National Goals: Affecting the Management of Local Organizations

ByEarl Johnson

The grant-makers supply Federal funds to state governments, cities, universities and private organizations which, in turn, offer the desired service or product to the nation’s citizens. The philosophy of the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) legislation and its administrators conferred an unusual amount of power and discretion on the local organizations that received grants. In the early months of OEO, community action equated almost precisely with “community organization”. The persuasion of those responsible for fundamental management decisions in the local Legal Services agencies, like the original campaign promoting the OEO program, was undertaken with the assistance of the national leaders of the organized bar. The national law reform offices magnified the economic and social impact of the Legal Services Program in several ways. The national law reform offices could furnish training and research materials that would enlarge the law reform capacity of attorneys in local Legal Services agencies.