chapter  11
19 Pages

Traffic Count Data: Sources and Procedures

ByW. Patrick Beaton, Jon H. Weyland, Nancy C. Neuman, William R. Dolphin, Joseph Garlick

The techniques advanced by the CUPR Gasoline Forecasting Model require that the user possess a certain degree of familiarity with his or her respective state’s transportation-related information system. Some effort must be expended by the model user toward the acquisition and understanding of the specific details of a particular data system. This chapter seeks to introduce the basic parameters of the relevant information system to the user. It summarizes and explains the techniques and procedures utilized by various agencies to sample traffic volumes on the roadway networks under their jurisdictions. A brief review of the types of equipment used to obtain the traffic counts is also provided. The chapter also presents a summary of the general characteristics of traffic counting programs, the procedures that are used to implement them, the types of counting stations, and the volume counts taken at the stations.