chapter  Chapter 4
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The Cities of the Prairie and the American Migrations

WithDaniel J. Elazar

The environmental unity which shapes the greater West reflects the multifarious influences of the peoples who have settled the sphere’s different states and localities. Almost from the beginning of settlement in the greater West, but with increasing intensity as the nineteenth century progressed, the three native streams were supplemented by others which originated in Europe. The United States, and cities of the prairie, have been touched with varying intensity by three non-European streams whose different or apparently different racial characteristics have led them to be excluded at one time or another from the mainstream of American life and degraded as irrevocably unassimilable into the larger American society. In substance, the social structure of the cities of the prairie has been determined by the settlement and fusion of the fifteen streams and their various currents into civil communities. Migration as a social phenomenon continues to be of the utmost importance in the cities of the prairie as in American life generally.