chapter  2
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Colombian History: From 1810 Independence to the Present

WithJorge P. Osterling

The contemporary Colombian political system is the final result of multiple historical events that took place inside and outside its borders over the past centuries. The political history of a country like Colombia is extremely complex and has led to controversy among historians over the best interpretation. The name and nature of the Colombian political system have changed many times. Changes in the new nation’s name reflected the continuous political debate. The Independence Act of 20 July 1810 was drafted by Jose Acevedo y Gomez, also known as “el Tribuno del Pueblo.” The years between the Declaration of Independence of 1810 and Liberator Simon Bolivar’s final victory over the Spanish troops in 1819 are known as the First Republic. The forty-four year period between the approval of the Constitution of 1886 and the 1930 election of Liberal Party President Enrique Olaya Herrera is known in Colombian history as the Conservative Republic.