chapter  14
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The Passionate Will

WithHelen Walker Puner, Erich Fromm, Paul Roazen, S. P. Puner

In 1923 Freud underwent his first operation for cancer of the jaw, and thus came face to face with the propsect of his own death. In steeling himself to the possibility of the death of his sons in the war, in seeing all about him the wholesale destruction of life and of the culture that to him was the breath of life, it was natural that the philosophic aspects of his thought should become dominant. Now Freud, the analyst, became Freud the synthesist. The man who, by a passionate effort of will, had weaned himself from his natural inclination towards philosphy, returned, as death began to appear more inevitable than life, to his real career. The fact is that at the core of all Freud’s work, under the masses of detailed clinical observation, is the intuitive power that set the whole scientific system in motion.