chapter  5
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Paris in the Spring

WithHelen Walker Puner, Erich Fromm, Paul Roazen, S. P. Puner

The slight, slender, twenty-nine-year-old Freud, black of hair and eye, felt lost and anonymous in the crowd of students who had flocked to Paris from all over Europe. Freud stayed in Paris from the autumn of 1885 to the spring of 1886. Membership in Charcot’s circle, rewarding though it might be, was hardly the society he longed for. Martha, who had waited obediently for more than four years, had not much longer to wait—only a few months while Freud detoured to Berlin on his way home, there to gain more knowledge of the diseases of childhood. Marriage was important and his need clamoured for fulfillment, but his thirst for knowledge seems to have been even more insistent. Before he went to Paris he had been promised a position heading the department of children’s nervous diseases at the Kassowitz Institute, a Viennese hospital for children.