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Sociology of Law and Philosophy of Law
WithGeorges Gurvitch, Alan Hunt

The spiritual realm is the particular subject of philosophy which is concerned with the study of values, ideas and the acts which grasp and embody them from the viewpoint of their objective validity and their veracity; obviously these problems entirely transcend the scope of sociology. In view of the sterility, dogmatism, and impotence to which would be doomed a philosophy of law and a sociology of law deprived of mutual contact, their reciprocal dependence and maximum possible collaboration would seem indispensable. Immediate jural experience, which lies midway between moral experience and the experience of logical ideas, as well as between spiritual experience and sens experience, consists of collective acts of cold recognition of tangible social situations which realize positive values. The task of the philosophy of law is to distinguish, within jural values which have really been grasped or embodied, between illusions—subjective projections of the collective mentality and objectively valid ideal structures.