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Roger Cutter (5)

ByLouis Auchincloss

Felix has described the summer of his affair with Gladys as the happiest of his lifetime. When Felix returned from his midday assignations with Gladys, he would be so bursting with energy that he would want to climb a mountain or go on a walk that was almost a run along the rocky coastline. Of course, Lila did not accomplish what she intended to accomplish when she transmitted the fruits of her research to Gladys’s husband. She had totally underestimated both the extent of Gladys’s marital ambition and that of Heyward’s jealousy. She thought that Heyward would simply make a blustering scene, and that Gladys, conventional at heart and terrified of scandal, would beg a speedily granted forgiveness, and that Seal Cove would then be emptied of their importunate presences, leaving the scene free for a new candidate for Felix’s affections.