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First Chapter from the Privately Printed Memoirs of Frances Ward Leitner, “My Life and Law”

ByLouis Auchincloss

The Bull Moose campaign was in full swing, and Dad, a passionate admirer of Colonel Roosevelt, with whom he had some slight acquaintance, was busily editing and promoting party literature. Felix, who had just finished at Harvard Law and had been recommended to Dad by a friend in the law faculty as a volunteer, was engaged in writing the campaign biography of TR, a good copy of which is now a prime collector’s item as its author’s first published book. He spent far more time with the Wards than was warranted by what they had to contribute to the life of the candidate, and it soon became apparent that his interest had descended from the father to the daughters. Felix had been disappointed not to have been chosen a secretary to Justice Holmes, but he never indulged his disappointments for long.