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Author’s Foreword to the English Translation

ByHenry de Man, Eden, Cedar Paul, Peter J. Steinberger

German is the native tongue of Marxist socialism, as it was the native tongue of Karl Marx. Across the Atlantic, long before communism in the modern sense of the term was heard of; Marxist socialism was an imported ideology, devoid of roots in American earth. On August 4, 1914, the fate of the world was decided by a political resolve whereby German social democracy pledged itself to the support of the imperial war policy. True that since 1918 the centre of gravity of Marxism has shifted to communist Russia; nevertheless, it is in Germany that the two main trends of socialist thought meet and struggle for supremacy. Even the peace of the world depends in great measure on the maintenance of a democratic trend in German evolution; and this, in its turn, depends on the attitude of German labour.