chapter  Chapter Six
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Socialist Conception of the Future Society

ByHenry de Man, Eden, Cedar Paul, Peter J. Steinberger

Socialist utopism is, at one and the same time, the goal of the process which liquidates the workers’ social inferiority complex, and the starting-point of the intellectual constructions of socialist theoreticians. Marx and Engels were influenced by their sympathy with the workers and by their longing for socialism in early days, before they had begun to prophesy the inevitable collapse of capitalism. Some sociologists try to explain the thought of these socialist theoreticians as resulting from their personal antipathy towards bourgeois society, because they themselves are misfits in that society. There are plenty of other combinations of repressed social instincts which may serve as the starting-point for the formation of a socialist mentality. A very different variety of the instinct of autovaluation inspires most of the forms of anarchising socialism. Socialist motivation shows interesting variations in the work of certain adepts of the psychology of instinct.