chapter  Chapter Fifteen
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The Marxism Of The Elect And The Marxism Of The Crowd

ByHenry de Man, Eden, Cedar Paul, Peter J. Steinberger

Vulgar Marxism is a doctrine in which the scientific elements have, by a regressive evolution, been transformed into symbols of the affects of the masses. Marxism, therefore, is that which the labour movement, regarded as a totality of trends of emotion and will, has made of the theoretical system of Marx. Nothing else is alive in Marxism, for nothing else is able to create life, new social life. The communist movement is the only mass movement in which Marxism survives as a vigorous faith. The communists have drawn all the energy that can be drawn from the emotional impetus of Marxist phraseology. In their hands has fructified the living seed which Marx sowed in the minds of the masses. Every one of the intellectual formulas of Marxism which has become a vital symbol has been transformed in the way among the masses.