chapter  Chapter One
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The Theory Of Motives As The Central Problem Of Socialism

ByHenry de Man, Eden, Cedar Paul, Peter J. Steinberger

The world war has led to so many social and political transformations that all parties and all ideological movements have had to undergo modification in one direction or another, in order to adapt themselves to the new situation. The function of Marxism to-day is merely to supply the socialist arsenal with propaganda formulas, all with such as are likely to fan the enthusiasm of party members nourished upon the ancient traditions, and to confute communist accusations of treason to principles. Marxism deduces the socialist objective from the laws of social evolution, which are assumed to have the inexorable necessity of the “laws of nature” formulated in physical science; to this extent, therefore, Marxism is determinist. Marxism obstinately ignores infinite multiplicity of socialist motivation, refuses to see the complicated nature of the issues. Among all the varieties of socialist doctrine, Marxism is most prone to create such mirages.