chapter  14
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Sport Sponsorship II

Activation, Evaluation and Servicing
ByGeorge Foster, Norm O’Reilly, Antonio Dávila

This chapter delves into the tactical aspects of sponsorship, namely the activation plan and executional activities associated with the chosen sponsorship package and agreement, the measurement and evaluation approaches that will be used to assess the effectiveness of the sponsorship and related marketing tools, and the servicing elements that a property and/or agencies undertake as part of the sponsorship contract. Once a sponsorship deal has been signed, servicing occurs to ensure that all elements of the sponsorship contract are delivered upon. Activation is the further investment by the sponsor-beyond the rights fee and other contractual obligations in the sponsorship agreement-on various related activities (e.g., television commercials, accompanying web-based efforts, social media content, new packaging, etc.) to enhance the impact of the sponsorship.