chapter  Chapter 11
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Waves in Motion

ByBill McHenry, Jim McHenry

In this chapter, the authors present techniques that can be used to help the client move into action. However, special care must be taken in using this set of skills. Well-anchored waves-in-motion skills should originate from within the client. The therapist suggests that the client has a chance to make a change right in the moment with the new information provided by the group and offers a safe chance for them to do it. The empty chair technique aims to promote further growth and insight by the client through expressing himself in a way he might not otherwise choose. The primary aim for this technique is to encourage the client to work through unfinished thoughts and/or feelings associated with another person. The therapist breaks the group into two groups. One group sits outside of the other group and observes the interactions of the group within the “fishbowl.” The therapist facilitates a discussion of what was observed and experienced.